I'm Ashleigh, 19 years old, yes that is me up there in a shower in a hotel room, i created this blog because i feel i cannot talk properly to anybody about my feelings, i fear people will judge me and think i am crazy, (which of course i am in a good way). I am going through the most difficult time of my life right now, and tumblr is a way i can express myself without annoying too many people. I hope by the summer i will be as happy as i always was and be healthier than ever. I hope that i can learn to like myself again and learn to let go off any bad hurt words used against me by others. I have learnt that if you cannot talk to people about your issues and problems, talking anon to tumblr followers is probably the easiest, most rewarding thing to do. Please follow, and if our blogs are similar i will follow back, feel free to ask me any questions, Love always x

this was me and my best friend at a festival last summer, this was a happy weekend! 

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